What Customers Are Saying about The Zara, Asian Bridal Makeup Artist in London
Handpicked customer feedbacks...

It was a very difficult decision to choose the right Makeup artist for my wedding day. After five months of research I went to Zara and got hooked to. You would feel she has magic in her fingers and her good sense of shape, colors and skin is really impressive. I would strongly recommend her to anyone who wants the best of herself on a special day.


My face is not a makeup face.  I was really worried about my makeup on my brother’s wedding day. But Zara did a wonderful job. She did a soft makeup; enhanced my looks  to their best and I was praised by everyone around. Above all, I was happy with the way I looked.


I wanted to stay in soft tones and yet to be cool on my Mehndi  event. Due to Zara, everybody was admiring me that day and I was really happy for visiting the right place and making a good choice.


On my valima, I was admired by friends and family and ‘him’. I felt at the top of the world.  You cannot take risks on your wedding after all.



I wanted my best looks.  My friends told me about Zara.  I found the place amazing with a good understanding of my needs and my looks. She is the one who would go the extra mile for your satisfaction.


Like my Nikkah, for my wedding and valima events’ I stuck to Zara. I was quite impressed with the way she responded to all kind of treatments that I needed. She is so skillful and artistic that I recommend her to everyone now.


My opinion is that Zara is quite professional and magical.  I was not sure what foundation or eye shades would suit me but she surprised me with how much she knew about skin types and how to get your best looks. She gave me good advice on my skin and its treatment, making it easy, easy for me . I must say she is so skilled and an expert in the beauty world.                                                                                      


It was my first makeup of my life I was so worried about that but after having the Zara I was very happy and satisfied on my engagement. 



Just wanted to say thankyou  so much for the hardwork and effort you have put for the past few weeks and today to make me look like a doll. You hardwork has paid off as everyone was stunned  with your artistry and they didn't praised me that much the way they have praised you. You deserved all of that.  Also I would like to thank you for the way you took care of me like a sister. May Allah give you all the happiness, success and respect and a baby whom am sure have a beautiful soul like his/ her mum have. Love you loads xxx