Fight Coronavirus in Natural Ways To Boost Your Immune System


Sleep like a regular human being 7-8 Hours. 
Eat more Garlic and Turmeric.
Drink lemon, honey, ginger, kalonji seeds and turmeric with warm water. 

Use Citrus Fruits, Berries, Pineapple and Pumpkin Seeds.

Eat raw vegetables which you can.

Eat few Dates every day.

Use organic apple cider vinegar raw unfiltered.
Make a batch of chicken soup. 
Make workouts a part of your weekly regimen.
Indulge in tea time.
Have yogurt for breakfast.
Soak up some sun.

Use warm water and mix salt to gargle 3 times.

Have steam daily.

This all will assist you to boost your immune system and let you fight with Cronavirus.