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5 Makeup Tips for Asian Bridal Makeup Look

5 Makeup Tips for Asian Bridal Makeup Look

Finally! It's the big day. You might be the bride yourself, or a makeup artist who just got their bridal makeup appointment, equipping yourself with the right tips and tricks can help you have a clean hassle free makeup procedure on the day of the wedding.

We would also stress on the fact that these procedures don't just begin one day before the wedding, you need to start preparing your skin for the big day at least a month prior so it looks flawless.

Another very important thing to take care of is that you should avoid having treatments just 2 - 3 days prior or include new cosmetics and brands in your kit because these might result in allergic reactions that may lead to breakouts and blemishes on the day of the wedding.

Here are 5 very important tips for Asian brides -

1.    Choose the right tone - Many international brands may seem tempting, but they aren't necessarily made for Asian skin. Asians tend to have a yellow undertone so buying the right makeup base is extremely important. If you are a makeup artist who has to work on multiple Asian clients, you should equip yourself with products in a variety of tones since Asians tend to have all kinds of skins.

2.    A strict skin care routine - A month prior to the wedding start prepping your skin for the natural, glowing look. Use products that sit well with your skin type and do not introduce new ones. Wash your face several times a day and prep your skin before going to sleep. A moisturizer, serum and a night cream are your essentials.

3.    Ask a professional - Do not make the mistake of buying makeup without expert opinion. Head to a store and test out products that suit you. You might also want to get your skin type checked so your bridal makeup artist or you yourself have more clarity in terms of the products that you should apply. Make sure the lighting is good at the time of testing your product since it might give a totally different effect on the day of your wedding and even in pictures!

4.    Discuss your look prior to application - This is a very crucial step. Always discuss what kind of end results you are aiming for. It could be a natural look, a heavy on the eye or a minimalistic look. Make sure you understand your facial features and what goes best with them. For example - if you have round shaped eyes, you should stick to a neutral tone palette for the best look. However, in the end it all depends on your personal choice and what you think is best.

5.    Research what is trending - Keep yourself updated with the recent bridal trends and ask your makeup artist if they know how to do it. Currently, airbrush makeup is the most trending procedure because it stays very long and looks extremely natural. So you might want to discuss with your makeup artist if they know how to do it.

So these were a few tips that can help you save your big day. Make sure you keep yourself hydrated- and relaxed. Everything will fall back in place. All the best!


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