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6 Essential Tips to Prevent Skin Damage During COVID-19

6 Essential Tips to Prevent Skin Damage During COVID-19

There is no denying that the outrage of the fatal virus "COVID-19" has badly affected our quality of life. Those who tested positive for the COVID-19 are battling the virus to save their life whereas people who never came across coronavirus are also going through a lot, and one of them is skin issues. From itchiness on the face caused due to the mask's friction to the rashes on the skin, it’s no less than a thorn in our side.

Wearing masks every day and all day long is making our face's skin dry as well. Such issues need to be well taken care of, which is why more and more people are starting to change their skincare routine as the awareness of skin effects due to COVID is now spreading extensively.

With that being said, we're here shining a light on a few important factors that have to be considered to save your skin from several effects to prevent your skin from harm.

  1. Treat Acne – Because of the skin and mask’s friction, the sensitive skin of your face may develop acne, especially when your skin is prone to acne. Thus, clean your mask regularly and change it from time to time.

  2. Easing the Blisters – if you've come across blisters due to the friction between mask and skin, using antibiotic ointment would help. It's also recommended to apply a bandage on the blister to eliminate its chances of contacting with a mask.

  3. Avoid Foods High in Glycaemic Index – Of course, there’s no specific miracle food, which can significantly enhance your skin in a matter of time. However, a balanced diet can do the trick. Most importantly, during this pandemic, try avoiding foods that are high in glycaemic Index as it’s not good for the health of your skin.

  4. Exercise Often – It's common knowledge that regular exercising helps to make our skin better. How? Exercising releases endorphins, elevates our mood and results in reduced stress and anxiety, which helps your skin clear and healthy. Be sure to take shower after you've exercised because sweating usually clogs the pores and causes acne.

  5. Go Easy on Your Hands – It's irresistible not to use hot water in winters to wash your hands, but you should consider washing your hands with lukewarm or cold water to prevent your skin from damage.

  6. Moisturize Your Hands – Once you have gently washed your hands, pat them dry. After that, apply the moisturizer. In these critical times, we have to wash or sanitize our hands a lot to make sure we're keeping this fatal virus away from us. This frequent cleaning of your hands can easily make your hands dry. So apply a considerable amount of moisturizer to your hands and keep the skin healthy.


That said, these were quite a few things that you needed to know about how to prevent your skin from various damages during the pandemic. So, make sure you take all these factors into the account and keep your skin healthy while still fighting against COVID-19. We hope the above information solved your COVID-19 skincare queries.

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