Makeup Artist of The Year award for 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021, and 2020, as recognized by the United Kingdom.
Makeup Artist of The Year award for 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021, and 2020, as recognized by the United Kingdom.


Makeup Artist of The Year award for 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021, and 2020, as recognized by the United Kingdom.


The Zara - Best Makeup Artistry in London

Zara is the epitome of makeup artistry; she's well-acknowledged for her unmatched skills, being recognized as the best makeup artist in London. Zara has been a three-time award-winning makeup artist in London, and her passion for what she does comes through in every brushstroke. Zara continuously pushes boundaries to challenge and revolutionize the beauty and makeup industry, driven by a passion for innovation and inspiration. Her work demonstrates her dedication to excellence, making a lasting impression on both peers and clients.


What types of makeup expertise does Zara provide?

Asian Makeup Artist in London:

The Zara brings the essence of Asian beauty to London with her expert skills as an Asian Makeup Artist. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of Asian beauty traditions, Zara offers a unique blend of contemporary flair and traditional elegance. Her mastery of Asian makeup artists in London techniques ensures that each client receives personalized and flawless results, making her a sought-after artist in the cosmopolitan landscape of London.

Bridal Makeup Artist in London:


The Zara is renowned for her expertise as a Bridal Makeup Artist in London, offering a service that exceeds expectations. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of each bride's unique vision, Zara crafts stunning looks that enhance natural beauty and capture the essence of the moment.

Indian Makeup Artist in London

The Zara, renowned for her mastery in makeup artistry, offers exquisite Indian Makeup Artist services in the vibrant city of London. With a deep understanding of traditional Indian beauty techniques and contemporary trends, Zara brings a unique blend of cultural richness and modern elegance to her work. 

Pakistani Makeup Artist in London:

The Zara's expertise in Pakistani makeup ensures an exquisite and authentic look that captivates and celebrates the beauty of Pakistani traditions.

With a keen understanding of cultural nuances and traditional aesthetics, she brings the rich heritage of Pakistani beauty to life through her artistry. Whether it's for weddings, special occasions, or cultural events she has great experience in making you look special.

Pakistani MUA London

Makeup Courses in London:

The Zara's acclaimed makeup courses in London. With a blend of expert instruction and hands-on experience, Zara's courses offer aspiring makeup artists the opportunity to hone their skills and unleash their creativity. Whether you're a beginner seeking to master the basics or an experienced artist looking to refine your techniques, Zara's courses cater to all skill levels. Join her esteemed program now.






What is Zara’s suite of artistry services?

Zara is a renowned makeup artist in London, having achieved many awards for its contribution to the fashion industry. Zara offers a range of bridal makeup and hair services, including Asian Bridal makeup, Indian Bridal makeup, and Pakistani bridal makeup. Moreover, you can contact Zara professionals for Mehendi services, casual looks, hijab styles, and model makeup styles.

Can you elaborate on Zara Mehendi services?

Zara Mehendi artists have many years of applying mehendi for brides and guests. Book Zara Mehendi services for Indian Mehendi design, Pakistani Mehendi design, Arabic Mehendi design, and Portrait Mehendi design.

Which hijab styles does Zara specialize in?

Hijab is a type of head covering for Muslim women to veil their hair, symbolizing their religion and way of life. Zara’s hair stylists are experts in an array of hijab styles. These include Turkish Hijab, Hijab style with chest draping, Turban Hijab, Classic Arabic Hijab style, Shoulder-Covering Hijab style, and Classic Hijab Style.

What are the different types of makeup styles?

Zara offers the best deals in a plethora of makeup styles. Nude Makeup, Matte Makeup, HD Makeup, Airbrush Makeup, Dewy Makeup, Natural Makeup, Celebrity Makeup, Editorial Makeup, and Permanent Makeup – Zara’s hair and makeup artists have expertise in them all.

What are the latest makeup trends?

Unconventional shades, sustainability, and high-tech makeup are some dominating trends nowadays. Also, skinimalism that celebrates natural beauty has become a popular fad. Now, although the dewy, radiant look will never go out of style, the emphasis has shifted more to skincare. 3D lashes and graphic liner looks are among other emerging makeup trends.